Naturally Get Rid Of Bugs in the House

Naturally Get Rid Of Bugs in the House written by: eddumzito

Synthetic insecticides, pesticides and herbicides are not only unhealthy to people but can also be harmful to pets and animals. That’s why experts are encouraging the use of organic control methods to get rid of the creep-crawlies at home. From basic cooking ingredients to fruits all through to washing products, there plenty of homemade products to use.

Boric Acid Powder

Boric Acid Powder can be used to get rid of the stubborn cockroaches, termites, fleas, ants among other house pests. When 2 tablespoonfuls of boric acid are mixed with an 8 oz of mint jelly, it’s enough to make the bait. When properly stationed, insects will walk on it, boric acid sticks on the legs and it carried to the colony where they’re exterminated.

Lemon Juice, Peppermint and Cinnamon

These simple kitchen ingredients can be great for eliminating ants that keep invading your home. All you need to do is sprinkle some crushed ground cinnamon or crushed dry mint on entry areas and wait for them to die.

Dish Soap

When dish soap and vinegar are used together, they can perfectly get rid of stink bugs and gnats. Applying some soap at the corners where these stubborn insects live is enough to kill them in one instance.

3 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of House Pests

House pests such ants, mice, flies, cockroaches and flies are the most dominant pests when it comes to creating hell in the house. They are usually small and hard to get rid of with the use of traps and other common traditional methods. However, there are more effective natural ways that can eradicate these pests faster keeping your house at peace and they include;

1. Using peppermint oil– Spiders and ants usually hate sticky repellents because they usually get stuck. Therefore, you can prepare a peppermint oil and spray on the walls of your house to keep spiders and ants away from your home.

2. Use garlic cloves– This is another natural way to keep off mice and ants away from your home. Ensure that you carefully place the garlic cloves in the holes that may have formed in your home and in the corner of your house. This will effectively keep them from your home as mice don’t like smelly garlic cloves.

3. Store foods in Plastic Containers– This is another effective natural method to keep pests such as cockroaches and mice away from your home. These pests are usually attracted to a home where food is exposed. So, when you put all food in the tightly lidded plastic containers, they will eventually leave as a result of lack of food.

Using these natural ways to get rid of pests is effective, as it does not use chemicals. Apart from that, children cannot be affected in any as the methods are safe and free of any chemical addition.

How to get rid of mice in your home

Looking to getting rid of mice in your home? Well, removing the things that they have come for in your home would be a good first step.

Therefore, you should remove food sources in your home. Make sure that you do not stack up left over foods on your table or in the kitchen. Prevent any crumbs, spills, and trash inside your home. Keep your food protected at all times.

And lastly, keep your home clean always. You may also elevate your food storage system so that the mice will not be able to reach it. If you starve these little animals, they will look for another place to invade.

Entry points should also be determined. Blocking these holes or splits where the mice could have entered is a great way to further prevent other mice from entering your home.

So look for holes on the walls, flooring or ceiling. It will help if you apply chemicals in it so that the mice that are hiding in it will get killed. And then completely block off the holes. Make sure that you check on your home now and then to make sure that they have not created another entry point in your home.

Using rat repellant’s could be your final step in getting rid of the mice that have invaded the peacefulness of your home. There are now so many products that can be bought in the market used to eliminate mice in a certain place.

You can use poison, traps, baits and even liquid chemicals to get rid of the mice in your home. You just need to choose the right product that will work best against mice. You may also hire mouse exterminator.

These experts will help you obtain a mice-free home in an instant. It is important that the procedure done to your home is effective and reliable so that you can enjoy its benefits for months or even years. Proper research on which method to use is vital in your aim to get rid of the mice in your home.